10 BEST Surfboard Bags


Regardless of your level of experience when it comes to surfing, one things for sure: if youre going to be taking your board out on the water, you should have a surfboard bag. 

A surfboard bag makes carrying your surfboard to and from your preferred surf spot much more convenient and practical. It also offers additional protection against the elements and impact damage.

Without a high-quality surfboard bag, you might find yourself with a prematurely damaged board, which is the last thing any surfer wants. 

Today, we have 10 of the best surfboard bags on the market to review so that you can find the perfect fit and design for your specific board. Your surfing life just got easier!

10 Best Surfboard Bags

1. Best Overall: Oceanbroad Surfboard Bag

The Oceanbroard Surfboard Bag is, in our opinion, by far the best surfboard bag on the market right now. 

This is a surfboard bag that will be widely compatible with various surfboards because it comes in a range of 9 different sizes. This range encompasses board sizes from 6 ft x 22 inches to 10 ft x 24 inches. 

Oceanbroads Surfboard Bag features one of the most protective designs out there, with reflective shells and thick padding to keep your board safe during transport.

The padding is 5mm thick all the way around the bag except for the head and tail, where an additional 8 mm of padding has been added for reinforcement. 

The shoulder strap on this bag, which is both adjustable and detachable, makes the Oceanbroad bag comfortable and ergonomic to carry around. The padded carry handle also enhances practicality without compromising on comfort. 

Another thing we appreciate about this surfboard bag is the fact that it features both an inner and outer pocket for the storage of additional items, so you can carry all of your gear in one place. 

However, it is important to note that this bag is not designed to protect your surfboard against excessive heat. This is not a thermally protective bag, so dont rely on it for sole protection from sun damage. 


  • Protective shells and padding - Reinforced structure 
  • Padded carry handle - Comfortable 
  • Inner and outer pockets - Extra storage space 
  • Adjustable shoulder strap - Ergonomic 
  • 9 available sizes - 6 ft x 22 inch - 10 ft x 24 inch


  • Minimal heat resistance - Not intended for thermal protection

2. Runner Up: Abahub Premium Surfboard Travel Bag

Our runner-up surfboard bag choice today is the Abahub Premium Surfboard Travel Bag. 

This surfboard bag caters to a variety of different sized boards, from 6 feet by 22 inches to 10 feet by 24 inches, so whether you have a long or short surfboard, the Abahub bag is likely to work for you. 

The bag itself consists of a polyethylene shell, which is firm as well as resistant to water and moisture, so you dont have to worry about water damage to your bag. Despite the fact that the shell offers good protection for daily use, we wouldnt recommend using this bag for airline travel because the padding is relatively thin. 

One advantage of using the Abahub Premium Surfboard Travel Bag is the fact that it features an air ventilation system to protect your board against heat damage and the bubbling that comes with it. 

Inside the bag, youll find a pocket for your boards fin. However, you dont necessarily need to remove the fin from your board before putting it into the bag because the tail section is large enough to accommodate it. 

Attached to the outside is a thick, padded shoulder strap, measuring 1.5 inches across, that makes transport as easy as possible. 


  • Polyethylene shell - Tough and water-resistant 
  • Air vents - Thermal protection
  • Padded, wide shoulder strap - Comfortable to use 
  • Internal fin pocket - Practical storage 
  • Comes in 8 sizes - 6 ft x 22 inch - 10 ft x 24 inch


  • Light padding - Not for airline travel

3. Best Budget: Curve Surfboard Bag

If youre sticking to a budget, youll be pleased to know that you dont need to spend too much to get a high-quality surfboard bag. The Curve Surfboard Bag, for example, is reasonably priced as well as highly functional. 

The material used in the construction of this surfboard bag is both durable and lightweight, so you can be sure that the bag will last you for years without adding unnecessary weight to your board during transport. 

Thanks to the shoulder strap, which is quite thickly padded as well as easily adjustable, the Curve Surfboard Bag is one of the most ergonomic and size-compatible on the market. 

Speaking of size compatibility, this surfboard bag comes in a very respectable range of 6 sizes, spanning 7 ft x 6-inch boards to boards measuring 10 ft 2 inches x 26 inches. However, this does mean that shorter boards under 7 ft are not included in Curves size range. 

The zip is often the weak point of surfboard bags because these closure mechanisms can rust when exposed to water. However, the Curve Surfboard Bag has an anti-corrosion zip that wont rust upon contact with water, making it perfect for the beach. 

Inside the bag, a pocket with a velcro closure can be found, specifically for the purpose of storing a surfboard fin. This significantly reduces the risk of damage to the bag from board fins and provides a convenient area for the storage of smaller items. 


  • Lightweight, durable material - Long-lasting and easy to carry
  • Adjustable, padded shoulder strap - Ergonomic and widely compatible 
  • Anti-corrosion zip - Strong and wear-resistant 
  • Velcro fin pocket - Safe and secure storage 
  • 6 sizes available - 7 ft x 6 inch - 10 ft 2 inch x 26 inch 


  • No sizes below 7 ft 6 inches - Not for shorter boards

4. Best Premium: FCS Travel All Purpose Surfboard Bag

Surfboards definitely dont come cheap, so when it comes to transporting and protecting your board, it makes sense to spend a little extra on your bag. This premium-priced bag from FCS might be slightly pricier than the others on our list, but if you have the cash to spare, its absolutely worth it. 

Now, the first thing we should mention about this bag is the fact that it only comes in 2 sizes: 6 ft 3 inches and 6 ft 7 inches. That means that this bag wont be suitable for the majority of boards, particularly short or long surfboards. However, the FCS bag will work well for surfboards of average length. 

This surfboard bag is built for heavy-duty protection. It features an outer layer of nylon, which is highly abrasion-resistant and has a high tensile strength rating. 

In addition to this, the FCS Travel All Purpose Surfboard Bag has 10mm of high-density padding at the nose for greater impact resistance. The rails that help the bag to keep its shape are also padded for extra protection. 

Despite the amount of padding and reinforcement built into this bag, the FCS Surfboard Bag remains lightweight, so the weight of the bag wont compromise its practicality. 

Additionally, you wont need to worry about the zipper on this bag breaking prematurely because of its tough, marine-grade construction. 


  • Nylon outer layer - Strong and wear-resistant 
  • Thick, high-density padding - Protective 
  • Padded rails - Retains shape and protects 
  • Lightweight - Easy to carry 
  • Marine-grade zipper - Durable and water-resistant 


  • Limited size range - Only for 63 and 67 boards 

5. Highly Commended Picks: Pro-Lite Recession Short Surfboard Bag

If you have a shorter surfboard, we definitely recommend checking out the Pro-Lite Recession Short Surfboard Bag as a potential means of transportation and protection. 

The Pro-Lite Recession Short Surfboard Bag comes in 5 different sizes and is suitable for surfboards between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet 10 inches. The bag measures 26.5 inches across, however, so it might be a little too wide for some narrower boards. 

You can rely on this bag to protect your surfboard through its reinforced construction. The tough polyethylene shell, combined with reinforcement at the nose, minimizes the risk of impact-related damage. 

Moreover, the rust-resistant zipper means that you can confidently take your new surfboard bag to your favourite surf spot without worrying about the damage corrosion might do to the closure system. 

This surfboard bag feels comfortable to carry because the shoulder strap is thickly padded, so it wont dig into your shoulder or cause discomfort. 


  • Polyethylene shell - Heat-resistant and strong
  • Nose reinforcement - Impact-resistant 
  • Rust-resistant zippers - Minimizes corrosion
  • Padded shoulder strap - Ergonomic 
  • 5 sizes - Fits boards 510 - 610


  • 26.5 inches across - May be too wide for some boards 

6. Dakine Daylight Surfboard Bag

The Dakine Daylight Surfboard Bag is an excellent choice if you have a longer surfboard that you want to protect and carry around easily. 

This bag is made of tarpaulin, and therefore, its resistant to water as well as the damaging impact of high temperatures on your surfboard. 

You can purchase the Dakine Daylight Surfboard Bag in a pretty wide range of sizes, spanning 7 feet to 11 feet. However, because there are no sizes under 7 feet, this bag isnt the best choice for short surfboards.

Dakines Daylight Surfboard Bag features a robust 6.5 mm of padding for increased impact resistance. Padding can also be found in the non-slip shoulder strap, making carrying the bag much easier and more comfortable. 

Something we particularly like about this surfboard bag is the fact that it provides storage space for smaller items and essentials. The stash pocket and zippered slot for your surfboard fin deliver all the storage space you need for your valuables and small personal items as well as your board accessories.


  • Tarpaulin construction - Water-resistant
  • 6.5 mm padding - Impact-resistant
  • Padded, non-slip strap - Easy to carry
  • Stash pocket - Storage for small items
  • Wide size range - 7 ft - 11 ft


  • No sizes below 7 ft - Not designed for short boards

7. Wonitago Surfboard Bag

This surfboard bag from Wonitago is perfect for surfboards measuring between 6 and 10 feet.

The Wonitago Surfboard Bag is made of polyethylene, so its resistant to both water and wear and tear from impact. The 5 mm of padding inside the bag also helps to reduce any damage from impact.

Inside the bag, a small storage pocket provides enough space for you to tuck away your surfboard fin(s) or small personal belongings.

Attached to the exterior of the bag is the adjustable shoulder strap, which can be shortened or lengthened as needed and which is wide enough not to result in any uncomfortable digging.

Unfortunately, if you have a proportionally wide surfboard, this bag may not be suitable for you since its on the narrow end of the spectrum.


  • Polyethylene material - Water and wear-resistant
  • 5 mm padding - Minimizes impact damage
  • Inner storage pocket - Ideal for personal items
  • Wide, adjustable strap - Sits comfortably
  • 7 available sizes - Suitable for 6 ft to 10 ft boards


  • On the narrow side - May not fit wider boards

8. Uceder Surfboard Storage Bag

The Uceder Surfboard Storage Bag is one of the best choices if you want to protect your surfboard against both heat and impact while making it more ergonomic to carry. 

This bag features UV-reflective material on the bottom, which helps to protect against heat bubbling and sun discolouration. 

4 mm padding is dispersed on all sides of the bag in addition to reinforcement in the tail and nose areas. 

Uceders Surfboard Storage Bag comes in a range of 7 sizes, starting at 5 feet and 2 inches and going all the way up to 10 feet. This is an inclusive size range that makes the bag suitable for most boards. 

However, the zipper area is proportionally small compared to the size of the bag. This can make removing and inserting the board a tricky process at times.

Storage pockets are located both inside and outside the bag for keeping fins and personal items safe. 

We also appreciate the thickness of the padding on the shoulder strap, which makes for a comfortable carrying experience. 


  • UV-reflective material - Protects against heat and sun damage 
  • Thick strap padding - Increases comfort 
  • Reinforced tail and nose - Impact protection
  • 2 storage pockets - Space for fins and essentials 
  • Extensive size range - From 5 ft 2 to 10 ft 


  • Small zipper area - Can be difficult to insert and remove board 

9. Pro-Lite Finless Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag

The Pro-Lite Finless Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag protects against water and heat damage as well as abrasion from impact.

This surfboard bag is made from 600 Denier poly fabric, giving the bag a good overall level of water resistance.

Meanwhile, the impressive 10 mm of padding inside the bag means that you can comfortably carry your surfboard bag without worrying about the safety of its contents.

Speaking of the contents of the Pro-Lite Surfboard Bag, this bag is large enough to fit 2 to 3 surfboards between 6 feet, 6 inches and 7 feet, 6 inches. Internal dividers are provided, along with compression straps for security.

The Pro-Lite bag features built-in vents that help to prevent excessive heat from building up in the bag and damaging your board(s).


  • 600 D poly material - Water resistant
  • 10 mm padding - High impact-resistance
  • Large capacity - Fits up to 3 boards
  • Built-in ventilation - Protects against heat damage
  • Compression straps included - Keeps contents secure


  • Limited size range - Only for 66, 70, or 76 boards

10. Dorsal Surfboard Bag

Finally, we would also like to recommend the Dorsal Surfboard Bag.

This bag is made from 600 Denier Polyester material, so not only is it tough, but its also water-resistant.

Thanks to the 5 mm of high-density internal padding, your surfboard will be well protected inside this bag. Your hands and shoulders will also be shielded from damage thanks to the padded handle and shoulder strap.

Inside the bag, youll find a UV-resistant lining that protects your surfboard against bubbling and colour damage.

You can purchase this Dorsal Surfboard Bag in a great range of sizes, whether your board measures 5 feet and 6 inches or 9 feet and 6 inches. This means that you can find this bag in a size that caters to the smallest boards, although longboards will not fit.

Please handle the zipper of this bag with care as it appears to be the weakest point of the bag from a structural perspective.


  • 600D Polyester - Strong and resistant to water
  • 5 mm high-density padding - Good impact-resistance
  • Padded handle and strap - Ergonomic carrying
  • UV-resistant lining - Protects against bubbling and discoloration
  • Comes in 7 sizes - For boards 56 to 96


  • Zipper is not the most durable - Handle closure with care

Final Thoughts 

When purchasing a surfboard bag for your surfboard remember to pay attention to these key features: 

  • Material
  • Size 
  • Capacity 
  • Padding 
  • Reinforcement 
  • Handles 
  • Pockets 
  • Closures 

Make sure to measure your board before purchase, if you dont already know the dimensions, and think about the purpose for which you are buying the bag. If its for protection, prioritize padding and reinforced areas as well as heat and water resistance. 

If youre buying a bag for easier transportation, focus on the quality of the handles and the storage spaces both inside and outside the bag. 

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