About Homeblown

Homeblown is a resource for kiteboarders, surfers and watersports enthusiasts of all levels. Providing in-depth informational content and up-to-date industry information. Whether you are looking for travel guides or more in-depth articles about equipment, we are here to help.

After working professionally within the watersports and sailing industries for more than a decade. Homeblown was founded with the intent of getting people stoked on water sports and helping them find what they need to get out there.

About The Editor


Mathew is a nautical professional with a Chief Mate ticket (3000GT), Yachtmaster Ocean Unlimited (200GT), and Personal Watercraft Instructors licence (PWCI). He has sailed all over the world and knows how to survive in any environment. Mathew’s deep expertise in meteorology and the worlds oceans have not only made him an avid sailor, but also allowed him to become well-travelled.

He loves surfing when he can find waves to his liking – usually on remote beaches where there aren’t many people around. But if you ask Mathew what he enjoys most, it will always be kiteboarding! Nowadays, Mathew spends his time writing on technical topics and teaching others about water sports because of his extensive knowledge from years of experience at sea.