Can You Take Surfboards On Buses?


As well as the enjoyable times that surfing gives us, it also offers a fair share of inconveniences. Some of the most common of which are moving around with a huge surfboard or having suitable storage.

Suppose you don’t own a car, and you desperately want to surf. Will it be easy to pack your surfboard and hitch a ride on public transport services, for example, a bus or a coach? Well, let’s dive in and see!

The most cost-efficient method of long-distance travel in the UK is by coach, for example, the National Express. However, can you take surfboards on buses?

Read on to find out!

Can You Take Surfboards on National Express?

Well, the answer here depends on your luck. Typically, the answer should be no; you can’t take boards on National Express. According to their website, their large size might endanger other passengers.

There are specific rules for passengers that you should follow to avoid finding yourself in a bit of a pickle. For example, you have permission to carry luggage with maximum dimensions of 75 cm x 50 cm x 32 cm for starters. But, of course, surfboards are typically much larger than this.

In general, the rules state that the bus driver has no obligation whatsoever to carry luggage that exceeds the permitted size. However, they may, at their discretion, agree to take outsized pieces of luggage.

But, this depends on available space. And if you take your board with you, you’ll have to pay extra fees to get access to ride with it.

We don’t recommend that you try your luck and take your surfboard along with you on the National Express. This is mainly because it’ll be highly disappointing if you go home without going on your surfing trip to Porthcawl. And to be honest, the chances that you’ll be able to take your surfboard on the bus are pretty slim.

How to Go Surfing Without a Car

It’s challenging to go surfing whenever you like if you don’t own a vehicle. However, it’s definitely not impossible.

Some public transport services like trains and buses might not allow you to use their services with your board. Accordingly, you’ll need to depend on yourself to lug your equipment around.

Unlike in Sydney, where you can take your board along with you on Intercity train or Sydney train for free. However, here are a couple of options you can try for short-distance travel.

Electric Bike

First of all, one of the most cost-efficient transportations that you can try is an electric bike. The recent advances in technology have led to electric-powered cycles rising to fame. As a result, you’ll be able to rent an electric bike or even buy one in multiple places in the United Kingdom.

You don’t have to worry about wasting time because electric bikes are pretty fast at 20 miles per hour. They aren’t as fast as the train or bus, but they’re better than nothing. However, make sure to go to a beach within 10-15 miles from where you live because the battery ranges from 20 to 30 miles only.

They are considerably more expensive than ordinary bicycles, but they’re surely more fun! And for the best part, you’ll be able to pack your board and move freely without paying extra fees or worrying about being denied travel. Adding a frame like this will mean you can transport your surfboard with ease.

Normal Bike

Second, you can use a regular bike. They won’t cost you much, and you’ll enjoy the exercise as you ride. However, it’s physically tiring, especially if you’re going far. So save some energy for the waves!

Air Travel

Finally, if you want to go surfing in another part of the UK, it might be the best option to consider air travel. For example, if you live in Manchester and want to surf in Newquay, you can book an aeroplane ticket and be there in 1 hour and 20 minutes instead of a coach ride lasting 6 hours, not including stops along the way.

And the best part, you won’t have to worry about being denied boarding because you can book (and pay) for your board at check-in, unlike when you’re on a bus.

For more information about surfing in Cornwall, click here.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing more fun than riding the waves on your surfboard and feeling like you own the world. However, you might face a hard time moving around with your board. Generally, public transport services don’t allow luggage as big as a surfboard, whether you’re riding a bus or a coach.

There’s a slim chance that the National Express will let you on the bus with a surfboard, but we don’t recommend trying it. Alternatively, you can rent an electric or a standard bike or book a ticket on the next flight to the coastal city you’re willing to surf in.

Hopefully, after reading this post, you have enough information about the topic now!

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