Can You Wear Glasses While Surfing?


Having impaired vision becomes a huge inconvenience when it comes to fun activities like surfing. Although nothing quite beats the feeling of riding the waves, seeing clearly will greatly enhance your experience.

If you’ve heard the famous question, “can you wear glasses while surfing?” but haven’t gotten an answer, read on to get it!

How to Wear Glasses While Surfing

Wearing your regular prescription glasses while surfing would be a terrible idea. That’s mainly because prescription glasses are not designed to survive impacts, and they’ll most probably break. As a result, you may end up with shards of tiny broken glass all over your face.

Not to mention, there’s a genuine risk of the surfboard hitting you in the face, and if you’re wearing your glasses, the results won’t be pretty. But lucky for you, there are alternatives! 

No Additional Measures

If your eyesight isn’t too bad and you can see the necessary details around you without glasses, consider not wearing glasses while surfing and coping with blurred vision.

This is especially important if you’re a beginner surfer. You won’t want any distractions to affect your learning and make the experience less enjoyable.

Prescription Surf Glasses

If your eyesight hinders you and you can’t survive without glasses, you should purchase prescription surf glasses. They’re a type of goggle that is safe and resistant to impacts. In addition, they’re an optimal choice for surfing.

Prescription surf glasses often have strong frames that won’t break easily. And the best part is that you can use them for duck diving and other extreme activities on the water.

Benefits of Wearing Surf Glasses

If you’re unsure about wearing surf glasses in the water, here are some convincing points. They’re more beneficial than you think as they work for the following:

  • Eye burning
  • Protection
  • Surfer’s eye
  • Eyesight

Firstly, beginner surfers who haven’t gotten used to saltwater may notice that their eyes are constantly burning. While this isn’t dangerous, it’s a massive inconvenience since redness and irritation often follow. Surf sunglasses like these Weyeen’s will tick that nuisance off your list.

Secondly, they offer protection against bacterial eye infections. Since the ocean is a nourishing environment for microbes and they often thrive there. As a result, they may cause an eye infection. So, goggles will protect your eyes from this danger, especially if you put on corrective lenses.

Thirdly, there’s a prevalent side effect that happens to surfers called surfer’s eye. This condition occurs as a result of intense exposure to the sun. Although it isn’t a severe medical condition, complications can occur and lead to permanent blindness. Luckily, some goggles can act as a shield against UV light like regular sunglasses.

Fourthly, goggles improve your eyesight in water. If your vision is impaired and you use prescription glasses or contact lenses constantly, you’ll probably need to wear them in the ocean. Furthermore, if you wear a contact lens while surfing, you’ll need to put surf goggles over the top. 

Contact Lenses

Some contact lens wearers go surfing with the lens on, whether extended wear or daily disposable contacts. So as a last resort, you can use contact lenses. However, the FDA states that you shouldn’t wear contact lenses in the water unless you correctly wear goggles over them.

If you wear contacts and neglect swimming goggles, you’ll have a high risk of getting a bacterial infection. To know more about surfing with contact lenses, check this article.

Do Surfers Wear Goggles?

The short answer is no; most surfers don’t put on goggles in the water. This is simply because they don’t need to.

First of all, our eyes are used to being in salty water because of being in a saline environment themselves, through our tears. So as a result, people who’ve been surfing for a long time can easily open their eyes in the water. And while some people can’t do that and prefer keeping their eyes closed underwater, they still surf without wearing goggles.

Second of all, some surfers become insecure about how they’ll look in goggles and prefer the nuisance of burning eyes or impaired eyesight. This point is less common because surfing is all about enjoying the moment and the feeling.

Consequently, it would help if you focused on having fun and forgot about what others think. If you have more fun wearing goggles, so be it! This goes for most surfers except for those who use prescription goggles as a result of medical conditions.

Are There Sunglasses for Surfing?

Yes, there are sunglasses for surfing. They have many benefits that’ll make your surfing experience even more enjoyable. First of all, they provide your eyes with UV protection against the sun because, combined with salty water, it may cause you some retinal issues.

Second of all, those sunglasses can survive impacts better than normal ones if you get hit with a board in your face, so no worries! They’ll stay intact. Those sunglasses are also often equipped with hydrophobic lenses, which means no salty water in your eyes!

Moreover, if you purchase a luxurious pair of surfing sunglasses, they’ll have airflow to prevent fogging and drain holes to prevent water from getting trapped under your eyes. Surfers need to duck dive underneath breaking waves, and those sunglasses are made with this in mind. The adjustable straps will stay leashed to your head as you duck beneath the water.

As a bonus, sunglasses provide you with a broader peripheral vision. Accordingly, you’ll be able to see waves with clarity from a distance. 

Final Thoughts

Surfing is an experience that shouldn’t be affected by impaired vision. Luckily, there are many alternatives you can use to ensure you have fun. 

For instance, you can use prescription surf glasses or lenses if you’re used to wearing contacts. We hope you have enough information about the topic to make an informed buying decision!

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