How Much Does A Surfboard Cost (Every Type Of Board)

There’s nothing quite like heading out into the ocean on a sunny day and catching some waves. But, whether you’re a seasoned surfer or you’re thinking about taking it up, there are some important things you need to know before you hit the beach.

Sure, you need to learn how to surf. That’s pretty much a given. But, you also need to know how much of a dent the cost of buying a surfboard is going to leave in your bank account!

So, just how much does a surfboard cost? Below, we’ll take a look at every type of board along with the average price of each. This won’t only help you figure out how much to budget for, but will also help you determine which type of surfboard you need. 

How Much Does a Surfboard Cost?

In a rush and need some basic figures about the cost of a surfboard? Let’s look at the basics, first of all. There are three main things you need to know when it comes to working out how much a surfboard costs; brand, type of board, and where you purchase it from.

Believe it or not, these three factors play a huge role in the overall price of a surfboard. If you go for a higher-end brand and visit a specialist surf shop, you can expect to pay anywhere up to £1000 for a surfboard, depending on the type you need. 

Do a little online research and choose a lesser-known brand, and you can bring the cost down to as low as £150. Again, this depends on the type of board you’re purchasing.

To give you an even better idea of how much a surfboard costs, we’ll take a look at each different type of surfboard below. We’ll look at their design, and, most importantly, how much each costs on average. 

Fish Surfboard

A fish surfboard usually features a swallowtail and they are designed to provide just as much buoyancy as a longboard but without as much length. They typically measure between 4ft-6ft and offer fantastic manoeuvrability, stability, flotation, and speed. 

Sounds pretty ideal for most needs, right? But how much does a fish surfboard cost? Keeping in mind the brand and shopping location, you can expect to pay anywhere from £350 – £700 for a fish surfboard. 


As you might expect from their name, longboards are longer and larger than any other type of surfboard. Some can even be as long as 14ft. They are also much thicker and offer an incredible amount of stability and flotation, as well as being extremely durable.

However, all of this comes at a cost and longboards are typically the most expensive type of surfboard you can buy. The average price of a longboard (again, considering the brand and where you purchase it from) can range from £500 – £1000.

Pop-Out Surfboard

While longboards are incredibly durable, it’s pop-out surfboards that reign supreme as the sturdiest out there. They are constructed using a mould and are typically made from thick foam or resin and then covered with a thick layer of fibreglass, which makes them pretty much indestructible. 

As with longboards, this durability comes at a price and pop-out surfboards aren’t much lower in price than longboards. On average, you can expect to pay somewhere between £450 – £900 for a pop-out surfboard but, again, this depends on the brand. 


The name “shortboard” should give you a pretty good idea of what this type of surfboard looks like. They are small and short, although they are slightly longer than fish surfboards, measuring around 5ft-7ft long. 

Shortboards are one the most popular types of surfboard for people who are new to the sport and, luckily, they are one of the least expensive types of surfboard as well. This makes them perfect for anybody who wants to try their hand at surfing but isn’t 100% sure it’s the right hobby for them yet. 

When we consider brand and shopping location, the average price of a shortboard can be anywhere from £200 – £550.

Soft Top Surfboard

Soft top surfboards are designed with learning in mind. As their name suggests, they feature a much softer top than any other type of surfboard, and this helps absorb shock impact. In turn, they are less likely to suffer from dents, but they aren’t nearly as durable as longboards or pop-out surfboards. 

As they are intended for beginners who are still learning how to surf, they are the cheapest type of surfboard out there. On average, you can expect to pick up a soft-top surfboard for £140 – £300.


Extra Costs

As you can see, the cost of a surfboard can vary quite a bit depending on the type of board you need, as well as the brand. This should make it much clearer to work out how much money you need to set aside to buy the board of your dreams!

But, when it comes to working out your total budget, there are some extra hidden costs that you also need to consider. 

The first of these is replacement fins. A surfboard’s fins are designed to help you control your board while you’re surfing but, occasionally, accidents happen and they can get damaged. When this happens, you’ll need to replace them. But how much are replacement surfboard fins?

Again, this depends on the brand of your board. However, on average, you can expect to pay anywhere between £35 – £100.

You may also need to purchase a leash. Most surfboards come with built-in leashes and this stops you from losing the board while in the water, so it’s a pretty essential accessory. But, if your surfboard doesn’t come with a built-in leash, you should factor another $15 – $30 into your budget.

A travel bag is another important accessory and it will allow you to keep your surfboard safe while you transport it to the beach, as well as when it’s in storage. The price of a board bag can cost anywhere from £35 – £140, depending on the brand.

Finally, you’ll also need to think about how you’re going to get your surfboard to the beach. Shortboards and fish surfboards may fit in the back of your car, but anything longer than this will need to be securely attached to your roof in most cases. To do this, you’ll need a surfboard roof rack and these range in price from £75 – £140.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – everything you need to know about the cost of owning a surfboard. The most important things to remember here are that the amount of money you spend will ultimately depend on the type of board you need, the brand you choose, and where you buy it from. 

You may be able to save some money by waiting for sales or by visiting online auction sites. But, if you do this, make sure you’re not compromising quality for the price. And, as we’ve mentioned above, it’s also important to leave some room in your budget for those hidden extra costs!

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