5 Reasons to Consider the Kitesurfing Lessons Cornwall Offers


Kitesurfing is a sport that you can enjoy all over the UK. It’s also one of the best ways to experience the beautiful coastline of Cornwall.

If you’re looking for kitesurfing lessons but aren’t too sure where you would like to learn. Here are 5 great reasons why it’s worth checking out the kitesurfing lessons Cornwall has to offer.

As the undisputed UK centre for surfing, Cornwall also offers kiteboarders reliable winds and excellent schools. So let’s dive in and find out more!

Reason one – Cornwall is a peninsula

Located on the South Western tip of the United Kingdom, Cornwall is a long narrow peninsula. Having both East and West coasts means that when one side has an offshore wind, the other side will have an onshore or slightly cross-shore wind, perfect for learning.

This also means the availability of flat water on the leeward side, making learning a lot easier and enjoyable because of the calm and flat water.

Cornwall is also the warmest coastal region in the UK. So, although the winter waters are still cold by global standards, they are more favourable to winter lessons/riding than the rest of the UK.

Reason two – There are both BKSA and IKO affiliated schools

Having the option to choose which accreditation to get is great for beginner kitesurfers. The BKSA has its perks, and the IKO is an internationally recognised qualification.

Here are some kitesurfing schools to consider in Cornwall:

One thing you’ll quickly notice when coming to Cornwall for your first lesson is that it’s not just an industry.

The Cornish have been taking their passion for riding on the water into new realms, with some exciting developments.

Events like the BKSA Wavemasters have put Cornwall in the kitesurfing spotlight.

Reason three – The wind is reliable

Cornwall benefits from a prevailing South West wind, which means many days of cross-shore breeze, ideal for learning the sport.

In addition, this means there are seldom any days with no wind, so kiteboarders can always sneak in a lesson on an off day as well.

And lastly, because it’s the mildest climate in the country, the summer season is more favourable to riding without a wetsuit. Which can’t be said for other areas of the country.

Reason four – You get to explore this beautiful region

The surrounding countryside and villages are picturesque, making it an ideal destination to incorporate a holiday. Stunning beaches are fused with rugged coastline, and you’ll never be short of somewhere new to explore.

The scenic beauty enhances the kitesurfing lessons Cornwall has to offer.


Reason five – The kitesurfing scene is thriving

The UK has a small select group of kiteboarders who are all at the top of their game. Many of them spend a good chunk of time honing their craft along the Cornish coast.

This means that the instructors are highly qualified to teach beginners. And they know how to tailor lessons on the fly to suit your needs and skill level. Not everyone learns at the same pace, so having instructors that are patient is key.

Kitesurfers from around the world flock here every year because it’s simply impossible to beat Cornwall for wind conditions. The kitesurfing scene is thriving here.

Bonus Reason – Grab A Cornish Pasty after a lesson

Finally, a word about the food: you might be thinking that kitesurfing isn’t exactly an exhausting sport, so where’s all the food? Well, in Cornwall, you’ll find some of the best pasties around, and they make for excellent recovery snacks! We’re not kidding, it’s hard to go wrong when you have such great ingredients.

Final Thoughts

Cornwall is a great place to take kitesurfing lessons – and it’s very accessible for beginners. It might seem like a big commitment to take on the kitesurfing lessons Cornwall offers, but there is no better place if you have the time and money.

The waters are perfect for learning – sheltered from big waves on the leeward side (Cornwall gets huge surf on the windward side). There are also plenty of beaches for land-based training.

And don’t forget about all the other things this amazing county has to offer – surfing, kayaking, walking trails along cliffs overlooking rolling swells…the list goes on!

If you’re looking for an adventure holiday full of new horizons, kitesurfing lessons in Cornwall are the perfect way to see the UK from a new angle.

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