Kitesurfing Lessons Scotland?! 5 Good Reasons To Do It


Scotland is a beautiful country with a lot of great things to offer. From the Highlands to its many castles, it’s never hard to find something new and exciting.

One thing that you may not know about Scotland – or have even considered – is the kitesurfing lessons Scotland has to offer! Kitesurfing in Scotland has become increasingly popular over the last few years, as people discover how good the conditions can be.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why getting lessons in Scotland. Is a question you should be asking as a beginner and how it’s just what you need for your next adventure!

Embrace the Cold Waters!

It’s no secret that the ocean water surrounding Scotland is frigid, but don’t let that put you off. Coldwater has many health benefits and, with the right equipment, is a great experience to have.

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One benefit is boosted metabolism as your body tries to keep itself warm, which can lead to better weight management. The cold water stimulates brown fat, which will help you burn calories at a higher rate and keep you warmer.

Coldwater can also improve mental well-being. Proven by the one, and only, Wim Hof who advocates that embracing the cold is the key to feeling alive. Wim is a Dutch professional daredevil, commonly referred to as “The Ice Man,” and he has set Guinness World Records for extreme cold temperature endurance.

If you’re looking for a workout that’ll make you feel like a warrior, then cold water kitesurfing might be it!

It gets Windy!

Now you may be thinking that Scotland is not only cold but windy too! And you would be correct, but that also means it is excellent for kitesurfing.

Scotland has enough wind to allow kitesurfers and others to enjoy the sport. This is because you can find many good, reliable winds in Scotland along the coastlines – including the Edinburgh coast.

The prevailing wind in Scotland is from the South West, so the West Coast is the preferred option for beginners because there is less chance of getting blown out to sea by offshore winds.

BKSA and IKO affiliated schools

Having the option to choose which accreditation to get is ideal for beginner kitesurfers. The BKSA has its perks, and the IKO is an internationally recognised qualification.

It’s a wee bit cheaper to get lessons in Scotland

Who doesn’t like to save a bit of moola? Well, kitesurfers in Scotland are a happy lot as they can find lower prices for the same high-quality lessons. And those savings can help go towards buying some new equipment once you are riding independently.

The Beautiful Coastline Scenery of Scotland

The Scottish Coast is both rugged and beautiful. With nearly 10000 kilometres of coastline, there are plenty of opportunities to experience some fantastic views while you’re out on the water.

The Scottish coastline boasts wide-open sandy beaches that are free from large crowds making it great for kitesurfing.

Bonus Reason

Scotland is a destination perfect for adventurers and thrill-seekers looking for experiences in the wilderness.

There are plenty of opportunities to take on an adrenaline rush, from kitesurfing lessons Troon or white water rafting down the River Spean, through to more extreme pursuits like snowboarding at Nevis Range Ski Centre or tackling one of Scotland’s many Munros (mountain peaks over 3000ft).

From cycling along quiet country roads to scaling Ben Nevis – Britain’s tallest mountain – all with stunning scenery as your backdrop, there is no end to what you can do here.

Final Thoughts

The post has talked about 5 reasons why Scotland is a great place to get kitesurfing lessons.

Kiteboarding in Scotland can be an incredible experience for those who want to try it out and improve their skills.

If you’re interested, we recommend that you start by reading our blog post on what equipment you need to kitesurf in cold water. And then take some time to learn more about what makes this sport so exciting.

We hope that this list of five features will help persuade you to give Scotland a visit!

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