What Do You Wear Under A Wetsuit?

What Do You Wear Under A Wetsuit

Whether you’ve recently taken up the exhilarating watersport of surfing or you’re planning on taking your child to their very first longboarding session, then you might currently be asking yourself “What do you wear under a wetsuit?” If this sounds like you, then rest assured you’re not alone because there are many people that ask themselves this question when starting out in the world of watersports for the very first time.

Technically speaking, what you choose to wear under your wetsuit is more of a personal preference, as there are no set rules for what you should and shouldn’t wear when the time comes to slip on a wetsuit and hit the waves.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that seeing as wetsuits are designed to be very tightly fitted, especially when on dry land, there is always a chance that if you choose to wear too much underneath a wetsuit, you will not be able to properly get it on.

In addition to this, wearing too much underneath a wetsuit could also mean that your wetsuit cannot do its job and adhere itself to your body, which will then mean that the wetsuit cannot form the protective thermal layer. 

For this reason, it’s important that you ensure that you are wearing the right gear underneath your wetsuit so that you’re comfortable and feel confident while wearing your wetsuit.

Many surfers opt to wear a specifically designed wetsuit swimsuit underneath their wetsuit, while others like to wear a bikini. There are even some people that prefer to wear nothing at all!

However, do keep in mind that these clothing options are most commonly worn by recreational surfers and longboarders.

When it comes to surfers and other water sports players that compete at a competitive level, many of these athletes will opt to wear a standard swimsuit underneath their wetsuit.

On the flip side, though, those who compete in triathlons will often opt to wear a type of “Speedo” style baselayer swimsuit underneath their wetsuit too, and the main reason for this is so that they are able to quickly switch from swimming to cycling. 

Similarly, for those who enjoy SCUBA diving, many divers will opt to wear either a swimsuit or thermal base layer underneath their wetsuit, as this additional layer allows them to enjoy a stronger thermal layer than what their wetsuit alone could offer.

For these sorts of swimming situations where an additional layer underneath a wetsuit is necessary, many people will opt to buy a full-body rash guard or base layer made of a slinky, soft material that makes getting into a wetsuit as easy as possible. 

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Do You Wear Trunks Under A Wetsuit?

Whether for a quick SCUBA dive or a morning spent catching waves at your favourite surfing spot, one of the biggest dilemmas that many water sports lovers face is what they should wear underneath their wetsuits. 

You can most definitely wear trunks underneath your wetsuit, although, we do recommend that you try to wear a pair that offers a more fitted, streamlined fit rather than a baggy pair, otherwise you may find yourself struggling to actually get into the wetsuit.

Of course, if you find that wearing trunks are uncomfortable, then you could also opt to simply wear nothing at all although this is definitely a matter of personal preference! Consider these factors when deciding whether or not you want to wear trunks under your wetsuit or go without:

  • Your wetsuit can chafe: If you’re already experienced in wearing wetsuits, then we’re sure you’ll already be aware of this issue. However, if you’re not, then it’s important to keep in mind that due to the tightly fitted nature of a wetsuit, there is always a chance that chafing could occur, even after you’ve gotten it wet. This isn’t something that always happens, though, so it is just something to be aware of.

  • Where are you going to surf? This is another hugely important factor to think about before deciding whether or not you’d like to wear trunks underneath your wetsuit or not. You’re going to need to change in and out of your wetsuit at some point during your surfing session, and this may be difficult to do if you’re opting to ditch the trunks when wearing your wetsuit. Prior to setting out on your surfing trip, make sure that you check out the destination to see if there are any private areas that will allow you to change in and out of your wetsuit without needing to worry about the crowds.

  • You’re going to get hot: Even if you’re planning on surfing during the cold winter months, while you’re on the waves you’re going to be getting a real workout, which therefore means that you’re going to get hot! Prior to deciding whether or not you want to wear trunks or go without, keep in mind that there will be points throughout the session where you’re going to want to cool off and perhaps even take the wetsuit off. 

What Do You Wear Under A Rashguard?

When it comes to slipping on a rashguard and hitting the water, one of the most important comfortability factors that you’ll need to take into consideration is what it is that you’d like to wear underneath your rashguard.

When it comes to men, the vast majority will choose to not wear anything underneath their rashguard, while others prefer to wear a pair of slim-line, fitted trunks.

However, the case is often a little different for women, who often tend to wear a swimsuit or bikini underneath their rash guard in case they get hot and would like to take off their rashguard throughout the day for whatever reason. 

However, what you choose to wear underneath your rashguard will ultimately depend on you and what your personal preferences are. If you’ve never worn one before, we recommend that you start off with some trunks or a swimsuit, and then see how you feel from there.

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